Bring life to your maturity and compliance models!

Create an extra source of income and discover the untappedbusiness potential of your existing framework!

  • Short time-to-market
  • Our platform can host any compliance or maturity framework
  • Grow a worldwide base of consultants and end-users
  • Consolidate the practice of your own consultants
  • Get easy access to invaluable metadata and statistics
  • Take advantage of the OPEX-ecosystem
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…and tap immediately in the undisclosed potential of your existing compliance or maturity model by making it available, thanks to an OPEX Alliance ‘content-partnership’!

You have developed a maturity or compliance model that you use internally with your own customers?

You wish to make it available worldwide and make additional revenue from the cloud?

There might be an opportunity to valorize your asset at almost no cost. You can make your framework easily available to the entire world. You can start building an international network of consultants by using the results of your expertise, or you can sell immediately to end-users.

You want to standardize your practice internally or within your own network of consultants

Your model becomes a living toolkit, but you keep complete control of who may use it: your clients, your consultants or simply yourself.

What you get:

Go for the OPEN Partnership model

Thanks to our cloud-based platform, you can make your existing framework available to the entire world. You can sell user-based or usage-based licenses. You can work with resellers or partners, or you sell directly to the end-user. You can sell content-related support, sell trainings or workshops… In case you have many users, you can even sell benchmarks and you’ll get access to invaluable meta-data, from users in different sectors from all over the world. All you need is to decide and start ‘exploiting’ the potential of your framework.

The only thing you have to manage yourself is the quality and the support of your framework and your (international) marketing and communication efforts.

The online tool is rebranded with your logo and color theme.

Go for the CLOSED Partnership model

The value of your expertise becomes more visible to your customers as soon as it is embedded in a tool.

The assessments are more repeatable, more formal. Being more factual they are more easily accepted even when they bring unwelcome news…

Sharing with the (internal or external) customer(s) is easy, which will improve their involvement in the process.

The tool allows comparing the results of assessments over time so as to evaluate the impact of the improvement plans.

There are so many way to boost the added value of your model depending on your vision and business model – we look forward to discussing them with you.

The online tool is rebranded with your logo and color theme.

How it works:

  1. You apply for an ‘OPEX Alliance Content Partnership’;
  2. Your demand will be reviewed, based on the basics of your framework;
  3. We will then contact you and we will discuss together how to make the best of your methodological assets based on your own vision and goals;
  4. If you opt for the OPEN model, you decide how much you wish to sell the licenses;
  5. We already have very complete and extremely fair legal package including a ‘content partnership agreement’ and a mutual non-disclosure agreement;
  6. We provide you with the template for uploading your model in the Ecosystem and we support you through the deployment phase – from a technical standpoint, it is an amazingly straightforward process;
  7. We also perform a quality check of your template – this is our way of sharing our own experience in maturity and compliance audits;
  8. You provide us a logo and you color palette for the branding of the site;
  9. You may test as much as needed;
  10. You decide yourself when you go live;
  11. If you have opted the OPEN Model, you receive a monthly overview of the licenses sales and, of course, your share of the price.

What does an OPEX Alliance Content Partnership look like?

  • The partnership agreement includes a mutual NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)
  • A content-partner stays 100% owner of the intellectual property of his framework
  • The OPEX Alliance platform applies ‘security by design’, preventing ‘non-administrators’ to access the data of your framework
  • A Content Partner has access to all the data that are produced by his or her users
  • The Content Partner defines its own pricing and revenue model
  • The Content Partner takes care of marketing, promotion and sales, unless otherwise agreed

Why the OPEX Alliance Platform outperforms competition…

  • Our platform presents the results graphically and creates a written report in PDF as well;
  • The platform can also register extra information like, for example, justifications for the evaluation or attached documents (which may be of particular interest interesting in audit contexts);
  • It allows to compare answers, over time or across departments;
  • It automagically aggregates results, for instance for the departments that constitute a business unit, or business units that are part of a reginal cluster.
  • You will be able to define and assign initiatives that will help to address the flaws or weaknesses that have been identified by the assessments.

Become a Content Partner and bring life to your assets!

  • Fast go-to-market
  • Our platform can host about any framework
  • No software development
  • We take care of any hosting issues