A unique platform

OPEX Alliance is an online platform that helps your organization analyzing its operational excellence maturity. But its real strength lies in the way our platform supports you to identify and implement the right measures and initiatives. Additionally, members can access on-line expertise or sign-up for on-premise advise.

Operational Excellence?

Operational Excellence should be the ultimate ambition of every organization. This unique platform helps you identifying your gaps towards that ambition. Moreover, the modular and flexible OPEX Alliance framework helps you to focus on what really matters.

Unbeatable added value!

We offer you easy and instant access for your department or for your entire organization. Get an immediate view on where you stand and learn how to do better. Sign-up and organize, from today, for operational excellence and high performance.

What is the 'OPEX Maturity Model'?

The OPEX Maturity Model© is at the core of the OPEX Alliance platform, and probably one of the most essential maturity models we are offering. It has been designed as an assistant, that visualizes how well or how bad an organization manages its operational excellence, where it has to focus on and how it progresses in its ambition for Operational Excellence.
The model and the associated platform provide effective guidance, a real compass, for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations in a sustainable way, in the four fundamental dimensions – client orientation, processes, people and digital transformation.


Identifying the potential for improvement 95%
Choosing the right measures 70%
Monitoring progress 90%
What we do at Opex Alliance

We offer companies and organizations, subscription based, a series of online maturity and compliance models. All of them contribute, each in its specific domain and to a greater or lesser extent, to Operational Excellence. The value proposition of this portal and its readily available maturity models focusses on identifying your potential for improvement, choosing the right measures to comply and monitoring your progress.