In 2025, we expect most organizations to invoke online guidance and assistance in their continuous ambition to reach and maintain operational excellence. OPEX Alliance aims to be the most important provider of this type of services, directly to organizations, but also to consulting companies, that will use our platform as a reference framework(s) for their customers and their subsequent support


OPEX Alliance has the ambition to contribute to a better organized world, by improving the operational excellence of as many companies as possible, with its online platform for operational excellence maturity assessments. Based on these assessments, our platform provides a series of services, from on-line guidance to bridge the identified gaps, over a dashboard to follow-up the rollout of the chosen measures, or benchmarking with competitors, as well as the finding and engaging of specialized consultants.


Values are at the core of a strong and successful company. We at OPEX Alliance believe
that authenticity, creativity, customer-fi rst, ethics and respect are the very essence of who
we are and who we want to be.

Peter Buelens

Peter started his career as an advisor ‘general policy’ for the Belgian Minister of Agriculture and European affairs, became afterwards Business Development Manager for a European IT vendor, General Manager of a company in Digital Mapping and next to that co-owner of a startup in speech enabled home automation. In 2001 he started as an independent consultant with focus on strategy, strategy execution and operational excellence. He managed large projects for the Belgian Ministry of Finance, Justice, the Interior, amongst many others. He is a regular guest lecturer at several universities and business schools.

Aurélien Slodzian

Aurelien provides senior executives in diverse industries with recommendations, advice, strategies, and tactical support Business Process Improvement, Operational excellence & Business Transformation, Governance and alignment of IT with business. He is also Topic leader « Business Transformation » for the Executive Master in IT Management program of the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. He started his career as a development engineer, first in Telecom then in Artificial Intelligence after obtaining a PhD in that discipline.

Tania Pittoors

Tania brings 13 years of experience in the HR domain, having managed large scale transformations across different industries (Banking, Government, Telecom, Utilities and FMCG). Her main areas of expertise are: HR Strategy and Transformation, integrated Talent Management, Workforce Effectiveness & Transformation, Change Management, HR Analytics and Learning transformation. In her role as HR Consulting Director and previously as Senior Manager in the Strategy practice of Accenture, she has been working with clients on a daily basis, understanding there pressing business problems, analyzing their needs and shaping programs that have a key impact on their workforces and operations.