Get an expert review ofyour Operational Excellence status!

Know exactly what to do to boost your profitability& customer satisfaction!

  • Assess your 4 key-processes
  • Identify important working points
  • Visualise evolution over time
  • Anchor Opex in company culture
  • Create broad internal involvement
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Are you aware your company’s future depends on its Operational Excellence?

Operational excellence will allow your organization to free up ressources for investments in your company’s future, to create more customer value, or to invest in marketing and strengthen your market position… and ultimately create more shareholder value. Don’t let your competitors perform better than you.

Operational Excellence is a journey – everyone can improve!

This journey begins with understanding ‘where you stand’… This can be your position, relative to your competitors, to a series of best practices or with respect to your own goals. Excellence is a relative concept that shifts over time. This means your Operational Excellence needs a disciplined approach that leads to gains across several dimensions.

What you’ll get

We deliver an operable report that points out the flaws and that suggests a series of initiatives or measures for improvement. Those are initiatives from which you will benefit in the long term, together with quick wins that will improve you situation immediately. Applying our advice in a consistent and disciplined way will manifest itself through integrated performance across revenu, cost and/or risk

How it works:

  1. You choose 4 key processes to be analysed, eventually from 4 different departments;
  2. For each of them, we review together the available documentation – process maps, process models, etc.
  3. Together, we prick a time-slot of 3 to 4 hours with each process-team;
  4. Our expert will perform a full review of each process, in collaboration with your teams;
  5. We will draft a review report that we share and discuss with you;
  6. You may then launch the most efficient measures for boosting your Operational Excellence;
  7. At your demand, we may also guide your teams for operationalizing the proposed initiatives (quoted seperately).

The things we look at:

  • How are your processes managed?
  • How are customer, product and quality managed?
  • Do you manage risks with and adequate level of attention?
  • How do you plan and manage your workforce?
  • Are you in line with the Digital expectations of your customers?
  • Do you continuously improve at the rihght speed?

Actionable advice from experienced experts:

Each expert has more than 15 years of experience in operational excellence consulting.

Our reviews are fact-based: they make use the ‘Operational Excellence Maturity Model’ as a reference-framework, which stands for a guaranteed quality.

Additionally, this proposal includes a one year online access to the assessment-results and the opportunity to assess yourself any of your other processes.

Why you will quickly earn back a multiple of this investment…!

You will quickly acquire an insight into the weaknesses of each of the 4 key-processes we will assess, together with your teams.

The proposed improvements will quickly boost the customer value and/or the profitability for each of the assessed process. Of course, you can also apply the same techniques to other processes that suffer similar weaknesses.

Get an expert review of your OPEX capacityand boost profitability & customer satisfaction!

  • Actionable advice from an experienced expert
  • Initiatives for improvement
  • Within 14 days
  • One year access and usage of the OPEX Maturity Pilot

9.750,- EUR

(ex. VAT - 50% upfront and 50% after assessment)