Get your customers an expert review oftheir status in Operational Excellence!

While professionalizing your Operational Excellenceconsulting business!

  • Make your OPEX-consulting asset-based (OR: “fact-based” this is more commonly used)
  • Augment customer retention
  • Create continuity in your work
  • Anchor OPEX in your customers’ organizational culture
  • Take advantage of the OPEX-ecosystem
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Are your customers aware their future depends on their capacity of managing Operational Excellence?

Operational excellence allows organization to free up resources for investments in their future, to create more customer value, or to invest in marketing and strengthen their market position… and ultimately create more shareholder value.

Don’t let your customers’ competitors perform better than themselves…!

Operational Excellence is a journey – everyone can improve!

This journey begins with understanding ‘where you stand’… This can be your position, relative to your competitors, to a series of best practices or with respect to your own goals. Excellence is a relative concept that shifts over time. This means your Operational Excellence needs a disciplined approach that leads to gains across several dimensions.

What your customers get

You deliver an operable report that points out the flaws and that suggests a series of initiatives or measures for improvement. Those are initiatives from which your customer will benefit in the long term, together with quick wins that will improve his situation immediately. Once a year – or even more in specific circumstances – you can apply the OPEX Maturity Model © with your customer and each time you will identify a new set of measures to work on during the next months.

How it works:

  1. You apply for an ‘OPEX Maturity Pilot Partnership’ by filling in this link;
  2. Your demand will be reviewed, based on your credentials as an OPEX consultant;
  3. You will be invited to join a 1-day ‘immersion program’ (online workshop) for which you pay an attendance fee of 500 EUR;
  4. You then receive the status of ‘OPEX Maturity Pilot Partner’: you can start using the Pilot with your customers (end-users);
  5. Each end-user pays OPEX Alliance a user-based license fee for the usage of the Pilot, directly to us or via the Partner (details and conditions are explained during the ‘immersion program’);
  6. OPEX Alliance will never ask you a share of the revenues you make through the usage of the OPEX Pilot.

What the OPEX Maturity Pilot assesses:

  • How are your processes managed?
  • How are customer, product and quality managed?
  • Do you manage risks with and adequate level of attention?
  • How do you plan and manage your workforce?
  • Are you in line with the Digital expectations of your customers?
  • Do you continuously improve at the right speed?

What you get:

You have access to a canvas that supports you in your Operational Excellence consulting. Your consulting work wil produce fact-based reviews, based on the ‘Operational Excellence Maturity Model’ © as a reference-framework. Applying the ‘Operational Excellence Maturity Model’ ©, guarantees your customers an approach, based on recognized best practices.

Application of the model creates focus and sets clear what has to be done. Additionally, your customers have online access to the assessment-results and have the opportunity to assess ‘extra’ processes if they want to.

Why you will quickly earn back a multiple of this investment…!

Application of the ‘Operational Excellence Maturity Model’ © will quickly give you – and your customer – an insight into the weaknesses of the assessed processes.

The proposed improvements will quickly boost the customer value and/or the profitability for each of the assessed process. Of course, you can also apply the same techniques to other processes that suffer similar weaknesses.

Sign-up for an OPEX Maturity Pilot Partnership and offer your customers expert reviews of their OPEX capacityand boost their profitability & customer satisfaction!

  • Boost and professionalize your consulting business
  • Augment customer retention
  • Create continuity in your work
  • Earn money for every user license you sell