Based on 6 dimensions and a series of well-defined questions, theOPEX Maturity Model identifies how good your organization ordepartment is prepared to reach operational excellence. The modelsupports your organization in identifying the gaps and the possiblemeasures to bridge them

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The ProcessDimension

Your Operational Excellence journey starts with the ‘Process Dimension’: It is essential to manage all of your processes in a structured and continuous way and to ensure their governance.

The ProductDimension

Every business, whether private or public, starts with a value proposition to its customers and/or citizens… This value proposition includes products or services, which should meet the expectations of the customer or the user. The management of quality and its criteria are an essential part of this dimension.

The PeopleDimension

Processes and organizations are managed and run by people. You need the right profiles and skills, the right number of them and watch over every change that influences the right deployment of people.

The DigitalDimension

Digitization of process flows requires continuous attention and focus. Every opportunity must be looked into and used. It is not only a matter of performance but also of being aligned with the customer expectations.

The Risk ManagementDimension

Identifying, evaluating and managing all risks is a vital necessity, like driving eyes open to anticipate the dangers and be ready to avoid them.

The Continuous ImprovementDimension

Business environments, customer expectations, technology, etc. are continuously evolving. It is extremely important to create an organizational culture that embraces continuous improvement and actively involves everyone throughout the company.

Once you have diagnosed your organization’s situation, you can start identifying measures and initiatives that will, once implemented, guarantee you a higher level of Operational Excellence.