The OPEX Portal has been upgraded to version 2.2.

This new version brings a simplified user experience with a lot of work under-the-hood to make it more user friendly, with more automation and less hassles.

The underlying platform is now called Sá and supports additional maturity models for Project Management, Digital Maturity, Network Security, etc. More models are coming.

It also introduces a new feature: it is now possible to define targets and baselines for your processes. Simply mark an assessment as a “baseline”, and the system will keep it and automatically compare further assessments with the baseline.

Defining your organization’s targets is as simple as that: make an assessment of a process, not with the real answers but with the targeted answers, the ones you expect to have in six month or a year. Then mark your assessment as a “target” and the system will also automatically compare all further assessments with the target in a completely automatic and very visual way.