The OPEX Maturity pilotbrings the OPEX Maturity Model to life.

Map your organization landscape: processes, products, customers, people and business units.

Measure your maturity and identify the needs for improvement for each and every one of them.

Compare results, define targets, measure the improvement of individual processes or entire business units.

Measure now, make improvements and compare your results to your goals.

Map your organizationlandscape

Identify your processes, organization units, products & services, customer segments and staff roles in one click. Link them together to build your own bird-eye 360° view of your organization.

Looks simple? In practice you will discover a lot of things you don’t know about your own organization.

Assess your processes

Assessing is as easy as answering a few questions. But the to the point questions require a deep understanding of your organisation.

You may choose to answer 13 top-level questions to base your assessment on. Alternatively, you go more in depth by using the extended questionnaire on the topic of your choice. The choice is up to you.

Answer questions in the order you want, when you want. You may start today, think and come back tomorrow. The tool imposes nothing and never gets in your way. You can do it on your own, or collaboratively with colleagues.

Review and improve

As soon as you have answered the questions, you get a graphical view of the result. Where are your strengths? Where do you need to do better? Define your improvement strategy objectively, based on the measured weaknesses.

Be honest to get a real snapshot of where you are. The tool is not here to give good or bad marks, it’s an eye opener to help you define your steps towards the better.

Go on and measure

Make your decision, implement your strategy and measure again.

Re-assess the same processes and compare today with yesterday. Measure the benefits of your actions on crystal clear diagrams.

The tool allows you to compare anything you want: different processes, different departments, different moments in the year. You may also define your targets and measure your progress. It’s up to you and in one click.