Opex Maturity Model

Based on 4 quadrants, 12 indicators and a series of well-defined questions, this model identifies how good your organization or department is prepared to reach operational excellence. The model supports your organization in identifying the gaps and the possible measures to bridge them.

GDPR Compliance Model

As of May 25th, 2018, all private and public organizations that manage personal data of EU citizens have to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. This model supports organizations in testing their GDPR-compliancy. The obtained result identifies possible violations of the directive and suggests possible measures for compliancy.

Assessment centers

OPEX Alliance offers several different maturity assessments, all of them supporting your organization’s ambition for Operational Excellence.

Objective Setting

The assessment-result might be surprising and puts your feet on the ground. The OPEX Alliance platform gives guidance to identify what’s to be done first to increase maturity.

Initiative Management

Based on the outcome of an assessment, the platform helps its members to keep track of the right measures and initiatives and their deployment.

On-line Support

In a snap, users can subscribe for an add-on and get on-line access to an expert.


Members can use the available tutorials to gain insights and expertise in certain domains, related to Operational Excellence.

Consulting Search

Organizations searching for consulting support that can help to tackle their challenge, can ask an on-line proposal and hire, through our platform, a qualified consulting firm. Support at your fingertips and … in your own region (!).

Progressive improvement beats delayed perfection.

– Mark Twain