Why online Masterclasses?

Operational Excellence (OPEX) is a must for every organization, whatever its nature. Service Organizations in particular are struggling to optimize their Operational Excellence, in addition with Budget cuts and a growing demand from customers for the higher levels of service.

Our Masterclasses primarily focus on ‘service organizations’, such as public administrations, finance, banking, insurance and utility companies. Because OPEX is less tangible in these environments, it is also much more difficult to achieve there…

This Masterclass targets mainly C-levels and their supporting experts – the first group to be convinced of the importance of an organization-wide and continuous Operational Excellence approach.

This Operational Excellence Masterclass aims at creating awareness, defining the challenges and providing best practices for service management to evolve towards operational excellence.

How do we differentiate?

This masterclass is based on a unique integrated and practice-based methodology and maturity framework specifically focusing on service companies.

In between the 3 sessions, this masterclass includes practical exercises that reach out to the specific challenges of your own organization.

Each coach, acting in this program, is professionally committed and has a large state of expertise in one of the aspects that – together – can make operational excellence happen in an organization. All of them have experience with service organizations of private and public sector.

After 3 sessions, participants will understand why the decision to reach out for Operational Excellence is an engagement, impacting organizational culture…

For whom?

Higher middle and top management, from team leaders to C-Level, operations managers (COO), ICT-managers, CFO’s, strategy directors, HR managers, etc. and their direct reports, plus internal strategy-, lean- , performance- and process-experts.

Upcoming dates

No dates are currently planned for our next Master Class

Please contact us if you are interested in being notified of future dates.

OPEX Conference

12th June 2018 9AM - 12PM Brussels Conference in English

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Session 1

  • The broader context – Operational Excellence versus Strategy
  • The challenges – Do we understand the problems we struggle with?
  • The OPEX basics
  • OPEX Maturity Model and portalexplained
  • Exercises of participants’ cases

Session 2

  • Processes, procedures, BPM, workflow management, performance, quality, risk management, … How do these elements fit within OPEX? Why are processes our starting point?
  • Everything our organization does should add value to customers, or society… How can we put the customer perspective and the voice of the customer at the heart of everything we do? What will be the benefits?
  • Each participant presents the exercise results, with contextual info
  • Teamwork – defining possible initiatives to bridge the identified gaps

Session 3

  • No processes without people…! Processes should be managed actively. But also ‘in the process itself’, everyone has to take up his role and understand where he/she can bring value. Processes need the right people at the right place at the right time. How can we manage all this and why is this so crucial?
  • Digitalization supports efficiency, effectiveness and quality and helps monitoring these aspects. Process owners should continuously evaluate and monitor their processes to look for digitizing opportunities. This module explains you how to approach this and where to look at.
  • Teamwork – defining possible initiatives to bridge the identified gaps
  • Handing-over of certificates and closing drink