What distinguishes AB-Inbev, Colruyt and Ryanair from their closest competitors?

All three are number 1 in their respective markets, are subject to a steady growth for more than a decade, are extremely competitive, highly profitable and blessed with the highest market capitalization in their segment… Is there a specific reason for these exceptional positions at the top? We might think so.

First. Successful companies go for a clear vision on what really counts: their market positioning (Colruyt), USP’s (Ryanair) and brand (AB-Inbev). They focus on the essence of what they want to be(come). The way these companies manage this magic triangle is outstanding. Strategic vision is deployed in a consequent and persevering way… clear and straight towards customers and market, but at the same time largely extruded in their respective organizational cultures… Everyone – including customers, suppliers, workforce, financial stakeholders, partners, … – knows what these companies stand for and where they are heading for. Their positioning is therefore felt about as highly authentic and natural.

Second. These companies have another interesting habit in common: all three of them are outrageously cost conscious…! Avoiding waste, cutting costs and focus on efficiency creates breadth. Perseverance is – also in this domain – key and… cost consciousness has become part of their company DNA or organizational culture.


Are we amazed? Not really.

It seems clear that authenticity, culture and focus are important underlying strenghts, that enrich the breeding ground for success.